Easy Vegan Pancakes Without Eggs and Dairy

No eggs – no dairy – These easy vegan pancakes could be your future Sunday breakfast! They are perfectly fluffy, quick to make and look amazing – no one would think they are vegan, promise! Top them with your favorite fruits, nut butt…

Vegan Recipes for Beginners

It’s the start of a new year, and I know lots of you out there are trying to up your veggie intake! Here’s a helpful list of vegan recipes for beginners, so that you can dip your toes… Read MoreThe post Vegan Recipes for Beginners appeare…

Mexican Tofu Scramble Wraps

Weekends were made for brunching and what could be better than a delicious tofu scramble? This Mexican inspired tofu scramble is flavoured with smoky paprika and cumin, mixed with black beans, tomatoes and coriander, all folded into a grilled wrap and drizzled with a lime-coriander crema. 
This scramble is super simple, coming together effortlessly in under 20 minutes, so whether it’s a lazy Sunday brunch or a post-workout refuel, you’ll still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your weekend. Simply scramble the tofu in a skillet, warm up the wraps in a griddle pan and blend the cashew crema.

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Cheesy Vegetables Bagels

Many parents find it hard to prepare nutritious lunches for their little ones and don’t know where to turn. This quick recipe is the solution! It will easily fill a place in your child’s lunchbox. Fresh and light, this must-have recipe can be eas…

Gluten-Free Vegan Walnut Bread

This Gluten-Free Vegan Walnut Bread is soft on the inside, crusty on the outside and has a lovely nutty flavour! It’s also no-knead, yeast-free,  free from sugar and so easy to make! I’ve made a few gluten-free vegan loaves of bread for the blog using different flours, including this chickpea bread, buckwheat bread, almond bread and oat bread, but this Walnut Bread might be my favourite! It’s…

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Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

This Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread is super moist, perfectly chocolatey and free from added sugar! It’s the best healthier snack or dessert!  My Blueberry Banana Bread recipe has been such a big hit – so many people have made the recipe and loved it! This Chocolate Banana Bread is a perfect alternative if you fancy some sweet, squishy banana bread, but also happen…

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Gluten-Free Vegan Oat Bread

This Gluten-Free Vegan Oat Bread is nutty, slightly chewy and unbelievably easy to make! It’s also no-knead, yeast-free and completely free from sugar! Why you’ll love this Gluten-Free Vegan Oat Bread: it’s undetectably vegan and gluten-free it’s soft on the inside and crusty on the outside it’s nutty and slightly chewy from the oats it has a completely neutral taste it’s not dry or crumbly it’s oil-free it’s free from sugar it’s yeast-free it’s nut-free optional it’s a…

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Vegan Plantain Pancakes

If you love bananas, these vegan plantain pancakes are for you! The banana pancakes are topped with caramelized plantains and banana ice cream. It’s perfect for late breakfasts on Sundays! Hey banana-lovers, listen up! You’ll definitely wan…

Vegan Mocha Almond Chocolate Waffle Cake 

When we get to the end of the year, sometimes I decide that I need to make a recipe that I have had in my head for a while, yet never got around to making.  Well, this year it was a waffle cake.  I have been wanting to make a waffle cake since last year […]

34 Vegan Breakfast Recipes (Gluten-Free)

Looking for vegan breakfast recipes? Here’s a list of 34 breakfast recipes, which are all vegan as well as gluten-free and refined sugar free. They’re all made using simple plant-based ingredients and are healthy too! I’ve prepared a selection of oatmeal recipes, pancake recipes, bread recipes and muffin recipes so there’s plenty to choose from whether you’re looking for inspiration for…

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Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

When considering what type of beverage to share for New Year’s Eve celebrations this year, my mind initially went to mocktails. They’re fruity and booze-free—what’s not to love? Well, if I’m honest, I’m not a huge mocktai…

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