September 9, 2020

I MADE AN EYESHADOW PALETTE!! Aggghhh I can’t believe it! My dream palette that i’ve been working on for SO long is finally here!
Purchase your Sigma X StephanieLange ‘The Essentials Palette’ here: https://bit.ly/2F0clD5

I designed this palette with 5 main fundamentals:

1: It had to work for everyone. No matter how pale, or how dark your skin is, no matter your eye shape, or age or gender. It took so long to develop as not only did we have to choose the right formulations (mattes are notoriously hard to get buttery and pigmented) but the colours had to have the right undertones to work for every skin shade. I also designed the eyeshadows to be perfect for hooded and mature eyes. There 2 contour shades in the palette; Honeycomb is for my pale followers, as this shade is grey / beige in tone and purposely sheer in order to look like ‘shadows’ on pale skin, and Golden is the contour tone i developed for my deeper skinned followers. This shade is very warm with a red undertone in order to not be ashy on the skin. I hope that it will add depth and warm to deep skin tones!

2: It had to be vegan and cruelty free of course! None of our furry companions were harmed in the making of this palette.

3: It had to be compact and travel friendly. This palette is not much bigger than my phone, as I wanted it to be the kind of palette that’s pretty enough that you can display it proudly on your vanity, but also throw it in your handbag and do your makeup on the way to work (that’s also why we included the huge mirror!)

4: It’s recyclable. We could have gone for a gorgeous plastic package, but we chose cardboard instead. This has two main functions; once you’ve finished your palette, you can remove the mirror and the palette pans, and then recycle the cardboard. The cardboard also works as a buffer / insulator, so that if you accidentally drop your palette *hopefully!* your eyeshadows will survive! If you drop a plastic palette however, your shadows take the brunt of the fall, whereas the cardboard packaging acts like a buffer.

5: It had to be wearable. Now I know technically speaking EVERY eyeshadow shade is wearable. If its on your face you’re wearing it, and therefore its wearable but I created this palette to be ‘The Essential’ shades. I know it’s not the most artistic / colourful palette ever to be created, but I know the shades that I reach for on a daily basis, and I know the shades that I used to reach for as a working makeup artists on my clients, and these are the shades I chose for this palette. I want this palette to be the palette that you hit pan on EVERY shade, not just some whilst the other colours remain untouched (speaking from my own experience here lol!)


Is the palette limited edition?
Yes it is! There is a limited amount of stock, and when it’s gone is gone!

Where is it available?
It is available from Sigma’s website: https://bit.ly/2F0clD5 and they ship WORLDWIDE!

How much does it cost?
It costs $48 USD


A huge thank you to my amazing followers who sent me their feedback on the palette before it launched and for featuring in this video!
– @mo_bear85

Another HUGE thank you to YOU GUYS for following me, for supporting me and for believing in me! I wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to create the palette of my dreams without you guys, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so, so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you guys. Love you! x

Thank you to Simone, Rene, Emma & Hannah from Sigma who have believed in me from the very start of my career and who let me have full creative control over this palette! I can’t thank you enough for everything!


❤ I N S T A G R A M

❤ F A C E B O O K

❤ E M A I L (business only contact)info@stephlange.com

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