Revisiting songs about my exes…

September 5, 2020

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1:21 What was the hardest Villains song to do acoustic?
1:54 Has your stance on being a solo artist only changed?
2:18 What are your favourite songs on ‘folklore’?
2:52 Was it awkward rerecording and practising songs for the Villains acoustic album or for livestreams about past exes now you’re in another relationship?
4:01 Are you thinking of tour plans post-pandemic or is it too early to say right now?
4:38 Would you go back and rerecord your older EPs with acoustic versions?
5:08 What is your biggest regret in music and how are you learning from it?
6:40 What’s your favourite song on the Villains acoustic album?
7:12 How have you been dealing with (and what have you been doing during) quarantine?
7:42 How are you doing?
8:17 How do you deal with taking days off without feeling guilty for being unproductive?
8:38 What are your favourite books?
8:51 Do you fear irrelevancy?
9:58 What songs for Villains do you see yourself playing live for a while?
10:16 Are you still friends with Nerdcubed?
11:00 Are you going to post a post-boob surgery video?
11:34 Would you get another cat?
11:50 You’ve talked a lot about videos you regret, what about the videos you’re most proud of?
12:23 If you could go back and tell your teenage self anything, what would it be?
12:50 What’s your favourite song/demo you’ve posted on Patreon?
13:13 Rank all Taylor Swift/Paramore albums
13:32 Have you been playing any games lately except for Animal Crossing and The Sims?
14:07 Favourite colour?
14:21 Miss your ‘Cooking for Singles’
14:57 Will you sing your early songs again such as The Promise or Sucks To Be You?
15:07 How do you deal with body image issues?
16:21 Do you think you’ll ever do comedic videos again?
17:03 Had you not become famous through YouTube what kind of career might you have pursued?

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