Is Horse Riding Vegan? (Re: Equestrian VS Crazy Vegan)

September 5, 2020

Responding to "Equestrian VS Crazy Vegan" by RaleighLink14, "Riding Horse is Wrong" by That Vegan Teacher, and "The Harm of Riding Horses | Part 1" by Ren Hurst.


Raleigh’s video

That Vegan Teacher’s video


#duet with @simon_grieve #inverted #horses #notvegan #exploitation #abuse #slavery #wrong #domination #speciesism #bullying

♬ original sound – simon_grieve

Ren Hurst’s video

World’s last remaining wild horses aren’t really wild after all

Traumatic Horse Training: Can You Spot Abuse?

Saddled with Guilt

Wild Horse Fire Brigade

Wild Horse Fire Brigade: Lessons in Rebalancing North American Ecosystems by Rewilding Equids

X-ray alterations on spinal processes of 295 warmblood horses without clinical findings

The Effect of Weight Carried and Time Ridden on Back Pain in Horses Ridden During Horse Shows as Determined by Pressure Algometry (graduate thesis)

Horses (Likely) Don’t Love Being Ridden: A Primer on How to Make it Suck Less

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