INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS: Unattainable Perfection… or Insecure Fakes?!

September 3, 2020

ANA LUISA Jewellery (use discount code: LANGE10 for 10 % off!) Watch the other videos in this series:
– this is why your BODY will never look like an influencers:
– THIS is why you’ll never look like an influencer:

– Tricks influencers use for perfect photos | INSTAGRAM VS REALITY:

I’ve made a few of these ‘Instagram VS Reality’ videos now, because as an internet human (I refuse to call myself an influencer anymore, it just feels gross), I see first hand what goes on behind the scenes, and I hate that people compare themselves negatively to what they see online and feel crap about themselves because of it. I hope these videos will help you see that YOU are gorgeous as you are! And that none of the ‘influencers’ or instagram models are actually as ‘perfect’ as they make out online. NO ONE can live up to that level of unattainable perfection, because it doesn’t exist! It’s fake! Influencers don’t look like influencers in real life, so how could you possibly live up to that? Don’t compare your beautiful self to what you see online. It’s not real.
I love you! x

P R O D U C T S F E A T U R E D I N V I D E O:

– ANA LUISA Jewellery (use discount code: LANGE10 for 10 % off!) #analuisany – this video was sponsored by Ana Luisa! Thanks guys!



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