Tricks influencers use for perfect photos | INSTAGRAM VS REALITY… the truth

August 11, 2020

Ever found yourself comparing what you see in the mirror to influencers you see on Instagram? I have! It can make you feel REALLY crap about yourself. In this video i’m showing you the tricks that influencers use to look good in photos. As you can see in this video, what you see online isn’t quite what the reality is in real life. And that’s not a bad thing! Cellulite, dimpling, texture, rolls – it’s all completely normal and what makes us HUMAN! You know what else is normal for humans to have? Hands. And yet we’re not ashamed of having hands, so why are we picking and choosing which parts of our bodies are shameful?

Lighting, angles & editing make a HUGE difference to how someone looks. So please never compare your beautiful, original, awesome self to someone’s ‘image’ that you see online (cos I guarantee you, that what they put on instagram isn’t what they see when they look in the mirror either!)

I hope this video helps you! I love you! xx

*I got some of the images in this video from the @beauty.false instagram account.

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