this is why your BODY will never look like an influencers (hint: they don’t look like this either!)

July 27, 2020

THIS is why you’re not body goals, and this is why you’ll never look like an influencer.

Instagram influencers can sometimes be referred to as ‘body goals’. They appear to have the ‘perfect’ bodies, perfect relationships, glamorous lifestyles – but it’s all an illusion! Nobodies life is perfect, and nobody actually has the ‘perfect’ body either.
It could have taken a good 30 minutes of taking the exact same picture, in very slightly different poses, in slightly different lighting, with slightly different facial expressions, in an attempt to get ONE GOOD PHOTO. Yet the followers don’t see the 65 pictures that didn’t make the cut, they see the one photo that was deemed ‘good enough’ to post to Instagram, usually with a filter over the top to make it look cooler. Add to that the fact that a lot of instagram pictures have been edited or photoshopped to make the poster appear thinner, have a smaller waist, remove that pesky pimple, make their eyes bigger, nose smaller – the list goes on! Its so hard to know whats real and whats been tampered with these days. Please, do not compare your real, unedited self to what you see online. It’s very rare that an instagram influencer looks the exact same in real life as they do on social media. We can’t all walk around with a permanent filter, good lighting and facetune!

Conventional media and social media tell us that there is ever only one type of body that is considered beautiful. But have you ever noticed that over time and different generations – that one type of ‘perfect’ body is always different?
Remember, trends change. What is in fashion right now, may not be so hot in 10 years time. Right now its all about the Kim Kardashian big bum, big boobs, hourglass figure. Which is fine, by the way, if that’s your body shape. However if you’re a naturally small, petite size 6, this may be a rather unrealistic body ideal for you to aspire to. In the 90s the sought after body ideal was either the lean and toned athletic Elle McPherson style body, or the super skinny waif like look of Kate Moss. You see, the ‘ideal’ body changes. Therefore there really is no one ‘perfect’ body, is there? Ignore the trends. Ignore what the media tries to sell you as the perfect body. The most beautiful body is one you already have. If you feel good in your body and you treat it well, guess what! You actually already have the ideal body – no matter what it’s size or shape.

Don’t forget, your body is merely a vessel in which to house your spirit. Respect it, but don’t obsess over it. Love you! x


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