THIS is why you’ll never look like an influencer

July 14, 2020

THIS is why you’ll never look like an influencer.
(I’ll let you in on a little secret… even influencers don’t look like influencers!)
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I’ve been a social media ‘influencer’ for about 5 years now, so you think I should know better than to compare myself to people I see online considering I know what goes on behind the scenes – but I still do it! So I can only imagine how it must feel for everyone else seeing these perfect lives, perfect bodies and perfect faces online. It’s almost impossible to not compare yourself negatively! So i’m making this video to draw back the curtains on what goes into getting that perfect ‘instagram influencer’ picture.

Here’s the thing; for every beautiful instagram picture you see, these 4 elements have come into play:

Not to mention how many photo attempts it takes just to get the one good picture that goes up online! So please NEVER compare yourself negatively to influencers, because even INFLUENCERS don’t look like influencers in real life!

In this video i’ve mentioned the beautiful goddess that is Tammy Hembrow, here’s her social medias:
IG: @tammyhembrow
I’m in no way hating on Tammy, I think she’s gorgeous! And I love that she’s confident enough to film herself in harsh natural lighting! Go girl!

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