Masoor Dal with Roasted Eggplant

July 1, 2020

Masoor Dal or red lentil dal is an aromatic and delicious Indian curry. Simple to make and naturally gluten-free, it’s a quick and healthy vegan dinner. Curry is one of my husband and my favourite things to make and eat. He even wooed me with a mouthwatering vegetable curry that took almost a day to make. Twenty years later I’m still waiting on another serve of that curry. I guess it’s stuck in a void with the homemade dog house I was promised for our beautiful dog who passed on 4 years ago. Good thing our boy slept inside, huh? Thankfully, this Masoor dal does not take a day to make. Dal (also spelled dhal or daal) translates to “lentil” but most understand it to be a thick soupy curry made with lentils. This Indian […]

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