Vegan Wonton Soup

February 13, 2020

Vegan wonton soup is the perfect comfort food to enjoy while you’re sick!
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vegan wonton soup in bowls, on a yellow and white kitchen towel, with a spoon, vertical

Wonton soup was never something I absolutely LOVED when I was a meat-eater, but anytime I see it at vegetarian Chinese restaurants, I can’t help but order it. And every time, I’m disappointed. Either the wontons don’t taste quite right, or the broth is just too bland, or something is just off about it. So obviously when I had a craving for it, I knew I had to make it myself, and do it right. I made this the way I remember it tasting when my mom made it, so the filling might be slightly different from traditional Chinese recipes, but it’s perfectly nostalgic for me, so I hope you like this version of vegan wonton soup.

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