Please Don’t Watch The Goop Lab

January 10, 2020

Gwyneth Paltrow and her show “the goop lab” are coming to Netflix and that sucks so hard.

The goop lab trailer

The ‘Food Babe’: A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

The ‘Food Babe’: A Taste of Her Own Medicine

Goop was fined $145,000 for its claims about jade eggs for vaginas. It’s still selling them.

Is adrenal fatigue “real”?

Is adrenal fatigue “real”?

An evidence-based systematic review of elderberry and elderflower


Wellness, Womanhood, and the West: How Goop Profits From Endless Illness

Irish Times piece on Gwyneth

What is a candida cleanse diet and what does it do?

The dubious practice of detox

Mother Jones piece on Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Jen Gunter Wants to Protect Your Vagina From Gwyneth Paltrow

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