Baked Chai Donuts (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

October 6, 2019

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like chai? I find chai so comforting and warming, no matter what form it’s in. Almost every morning lately I’ve been starting my day with a hot cup of Pukka Vanilla Chai and a splash of almond milk. I also love using whole spices to brew my own chai, but today we’re not drinking chai but instead using all the amazing spices found in chai and infusing them into baked donuts. YUM!

Chai Meaning:

In case you aren’t familiar with chai, it’s the the Hindi word for tea, which was actually derived from the Chinese word for tea: cha! Many languages also use a variation of this word to mean tea. Chai originated in India and is a drink made with black tea, spices and usually milk and sugar. 

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