Ireland Gets Its First Vegan Grocery Store

September 18, 2019

Ireland’s first and only all-vegan grocery store recently opened in Dublin. Veganic was created by a group of people who identify as “organic enthusiasts, vegans, flexitarians, zero waste practitioners, and omnivores” with the aim to help customers eat in a more sustainable and healthy way. The store offers a variety of products such as non-dairy milk, cheese, and yogurt; vegan meats such as chicken and ground beef; organic cosmetics; and cleaning products—all of which are not only vegan but organic, too. Veganic also offers basic pantry staples, a full produce section, and a zero-waste bulk section with items such as pasta and dried beans. In recent years, dedicated vegan grocery stores have been popping up around the world, including in states such as Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, Easter Greens opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Green Taste Vegan Goods opened in San Francisco, CA. 

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