Vegan Race Car Champ Lewis Hamilton Urges His 13 Million Fans to Stop Buying Leather

September 17, 2019

World champion race car driver Lewis Hamilton recently condemned the leather industry by sharing graphic images of its horrific practices on social media. Lewis posted a video created by animal-rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) showing a cow being smashed with a sledgehammer and stabbed before being skinned while still alive. Lewis urged his 13 million followers to never buy leather. “I woke up feeling good today but this has just broken my spirit,” Lewis wrote. “This is so graphic, so barbaric. PETA, how can I help stop this?” Last week, the five-time Formula One winner also shared videos of dolphin hunting in Denmark and Rhino poaching in Vietnam. “How are any of these humans just standing there thinking this is okay?” he posted. This is not the first time Hamilton has been vocal about veganism and animal rights since going vegan in 2017. In December, Hamilton posted a photo of a deceased mother pig and her piglets, disposed of in a trash bin with the statement, “This is the price of your bacon.”

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