Vegan Grandmother Walks 120 Miles to Raise Money for Dog Rescue Charity 

September 12, 2019

Brighton resident Serena Queeney walked 120 miles over the weekend to raise money for dog rescue organization K-9 Angels. The 67-year-old athlete credited her plant-based diet for helping her build stamina for the event—which consisted of her walking one-mile loops 120 times around the Brighton city center for approximately 60 hours. “After rescuing my little chihuahua Frankie, I wanted to help dogs any way I can,” Queeney told The Argus. “I’m walking in one-mile loops around Grand Junction Road and past Habitat where my good friend Judy, 84, will keep track of laps.” Queeney set up a donation page to support K-9 Angels and her daughter Suzie, along with a few dogs, was at the event to collect donations, as well.

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