Recipe | Fresh Corn Saute with Coconut Milk & Sriracha

May 24, 2019

So technically it’s not corn season yet. But I’m terribly impatient, so when I saw corn at the grocery store, I had to get it, even if it was from Florida. (I mean, Florida isn’t that far away, right? It’s kind of local?) These days, you can get just about any vegetable year round. Most of them taste the same anytime you get them. (Fruit is another story, of course!) But not corn. Oh sure, you can buy fresh corn in January. But you should probably put the word fresh in quotes, because it’s not really fresh. It’s shucked and washed and packed on a tray and wrapped in plastic. It’s also about as flavorful (and tough!) as the plastic it’s wrapped in. When the first fresh corn arrives in the produce section after winter, it’s something to celebrate (even if it’s from Florida). It’s the first sign of summer. The months of plastic-wrapped corn from who-knows-where are over and the short stretch of time when we can enjoy tender, sweet ears of corn has now arrived. Last week, I mentioned my side dish arsenal and the need to have a collection of go-to quick side dishes for busy evenings. […]

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