Top 10 Vegan Cocktails for the Holidays: the Recipes that Will Keep a Smile on Your Face

December 3, 2015

The holiday season can be tough. Between all the running around, gift shopping, getting the house, the food, and yourself prepared – things can get quite hectic. Let’s face it, many of us could probably do with at least one cocktail this time of year…

That is why I rolled up my sleeves and surfed the net to bring you the top 10 vegan cocktails out there. Cocktails that will keep you and your guests smiling… Ready? Here goes!

Top 10 Vegan Holiday Cocktails

Cocktail #1: Vegan Mulled Wine

It’s just not Christmas without mulled wine, my husband explained to me when he first introduced me to this drink. And indeed, for many amongst us it just isn’t Christmas unless you enjoy this warm spiced drink at least once. This Vegan Yack Attack cocktail is a Halloween variation of the traditional drink, which can easily be turned Christmassy and festive!

Key ingredients: red wine, apples, oranges, cloves.

For the full guest post recipe by Vegan Yack Attack, see The Vegan Woman.

Vegan Mulled Wine 

Cocktail # 2: Homemade Vegan Irish Cream

Now how about this vegan “Baileys” for a comforting and creamy cocktail? This rum-based Irish Cream cocktail is the perfect classic touch to impress your guests this holiday season!

Key ingredients: Rum, Kahlua.

For the full recipe, see The Vegan Woman.

Vegan Irish Cream 

Cocktail #3: Sparkling Fruit Punch

Don’t let this bubbly punch drink fool you. The original recipe by The Vegan 8 doesn’t have even one drop of alcohol! To make this punch boozyly amazing, replace the sparkling water with sparkling wine… Enjoy!

Key ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, lemons.

For the full recipe, see The Vegan 8.

Sparkling Fruit Punch 

Cocktail #4: Old Fashioned Cocktail

This bourbon-based cocktail has the flavor and the style! I love the presentation of this cocktail, and for me, bourbon just has the word Christmas written all over it.

Key ingredients: bourbon, Angostura Bitters.

For the full recipe, see it doesn’t taste like chicken.

 Old Fashioned Cocktail

Cocktail #5: Non-Alcoholic Vegan Glühwein

A warm drink to be enjoyed by the young and old! This non-alcoholic drink is a variation on the traditional German mulled wine. Treat the family without uncle Joe getting too tipsy…

Key ingredients: grape juice, pomegranate juice, orange juice.

For the full recipe, see Lands and Flavors 


Cocktail #7: Warm Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

Pumpkin season seems to be synonymous with holiday season, and this warm and creamy pumpkin spice cocktail has the perfect holiday look and taste! Served warm, it has that extra oomph to make the perfect Christmas drink! Talk about capturing the holiday spirit in a glass!

Key ingredients: pumpkin spice coconut milk, rum, cinnamon.

For the full recipe, see May I Have that Recipe?

vegan pumpkin spiced cocktail 

Cocktail #8: Pomegranate Gin Fizz

While this vegan cocktail is perfect as a summer refresher, to me its color just says Christmas! This one is for the gin and pomegranate lovers – how lucky are we that this gorgeous cocktail combines the two?

Key ingredients: pomegranate, lime, gin.

For the full recipe, see Elephantastic Vegan.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz 

Cocktail #9: Maple Spiced Hot Toddy

Nothing says winter more than a hot toddy, and this maple spiced, bourbon based toddy has that perfect wintry aroma, thanks to its combination of beautiful spices.

Key ingredients: bourbon, cardamom, black tea.

For the full recipe, see Healthy Slow Cooking.

vegan hot toddy 

Cocktail #10: White Peach Sangria

I don’t know a single person who can refuse sangria. This recipe’s super rich combination of white wine, brandy and sparkling water gives this vegan cocktail a special fizzy and complex taste, which coupled with its fruity aromas, is an absolute delight!  

Key ingredients: dark chocolate, vodka, espresso, orange juice.

For the full recipe, see Vegan Family Recipes.

White Peach Sangria 

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get tipsy! Just remember, alcoholic drink labels can be quite confusing and sometimes incomplete. If you are not sure whether that tempting bottle is cruelty-free, try contacting the manufacturer or consult a vegan alcohol guide such as Barnivore: The Vegan Beer, Wine and Liquor Guide.

Have a happy, relaxed holiday! And if you’re drinking, please drink responsibly.


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